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Innovative Aerial Media has worked with several real estate agencies, brokers, and agents to help them showcase their listings and accelerate their sales process. We work with realtors to focus on what they themselves and their clients want to highlight about each specific property, producing showcase videos that offer not only a unique perspective but also highlight the interior and exterior features of the listing. It's been noted that listings with video sell up to 20% faster than those without.

Success Stories

In 2016, we created a video for a realtor that has worked with us several times. That client wanted to release the showcase video we created for his listing a few days before it went on the market. Two days before the property was officially listed, a potential buyer visited the property and asked the owner if he could walk around the property. The property sold two days later -- for over $3,000,000. The showcase video created by Innovative Aerial Media had been online for only five days at that point. Clearly, the proof is in the pudding here.

What We Can Do To Help You Sell Your Listings

  • Create 2-4 minute showcase videos providing a virtual walkthrough of the exterior and interior of the property that you are listing.
  • Distribute that video via multiple channels to ensure that your listing is being noticed outside of your own marketing efforts.
  • For a nominal fee, educate you on how to use different mediums to promote not only your listing video but also your property listing in general.

Aerial Videos Create Potential Buyer Buzz

How many times can a potential buyer visit a property? Probably as many as they'd like to but is that an efficient way for a real estate agent to spend their time? Not at all. Let our showcase videos highlight your property again and again to potential buyers instead of spending valuable time showing the same hesitant buyer your listings. 

By distributing your showcase video effectively, you can exponentially increase your marketing footprint, all for a very reasonable cost.

Couldn't Real Estate Agents Just Create Their Own Aerial Showcase Videos?

No. Not at all. It's actually completely illegal to fly a drone for commercial purposes without an FAA exemption. Here's a copy of our FAA exemption for your reference. Many real estate agents have actually been prosecuted for doing so. Why risk it? On top of that, we have over fifteen years of video filming, editing, and producing experience in everything from live TV to feature films. We are truly experts at creating videos that create action from their viewers. Instead of risking the penalties, poor production quality, equipment cost, and wasted time, just give Innovative Aerial Media Services the opportunity to prove ourselves.

Sure, That's Easy to Say. Do You Have Any References?

You bet we do! Check our reviews page here and our Google Listing page to see how we've performed in the past. 



What Does the National Association of Realtors Say About Drones & Real Estate?

Did You Know It's Illegal for Realtors to Capture Their Own Drone Footage?

Only FAA Commercially Exempt operators are allowed to capture drone footage or even fly drones for commercial use. In fact, in 2014, the FAA came down hard on Coldwell Banker and other realtors in the New York region for operating drones for commercial or marketing related usage. Here's a link to the article from but here's what you need to know: 

"The FAA continues to take an aggressive stance regarding the use of drones specifically for real estate marketing purposes, even indicating that the agency considers the use of drone aircraft by or on behalf of real estate agents to be commercial in nature. The FAA has indicated that it is actively investigating suspected violations, a position that appears to be verified by media reports of the recent subpoena of drone-related records from a New York area real estate company and its photography vendor."

How to Legally Procure Aerial Video and Photos for Your Listings

  • Work only with FAA Commercially Exempt aerial service providers.
  • Make sure you have their FAA Exemption documentation on record for your protection.
  • Do NOT attempt to edit any video or photos that they may provide for you. Your aerial service provider must do this for you.
  • Be absolutely sure that your aerial service provider's logo is included in any video or photos of your listing along with your logo.

Where Can I Find Innovative Aerial Media's FAA Commercial Exemption Documentation?

Simply click on the picture above these paragraphs be taken to the FAA's site where our exemption documentation is located or simply click here.


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