Full List of Aerial Services

Aerial Services

Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Innovative Aerial Media utilized its drone services to deliver over fifteen separate real estate listing showcase videos and photography.

Aerial Photo Industrial Complex

Aerial Photo of Home

Insurance Inspection

Improve the efficiency of your company’s insurance claim process through aerial documentation.

Land Surveying

Private property inspections, 3D mapping, property mapping, property walkthrough videos, and  public property highlight videos.

Loss Control Documentation

Loss control in agriculture, industry, and commercial real estate is a serious matter. Although we’re never overjoyed to receive distressed calls from land and building owners, we take pride in being able to document damage to property or land that will support rectification of the the issues. It’s part of our business’s value proposition and we’re extremely happy to be qualified and respected enough to be trusted to demonstrate our clients’ interest and concern in these manners.

Commercial Spots

One of our sweet spots, Innovative Aerial Media produces commercial/promotional projects in order to grow our client’s businesses.

Non-Profit Work

At Innovative Aerial Media, we have a passion for giving back to our community. It’s made us who we are. If you’re in need of a promotional, fundraising, or call to action spot, please contact us using the form below to get in touch. We’d love to help wherever we can and many times can work out a very affordable pricing package or donation for our services.

Legal Work

Although we’re not at liberty to discuss this too much, we were proud to support Midwest law firms in their fight for justice. We take great pride in helping bring justice with the help of our legal clients through our drone services.

Industrial Documentation

Industry needs to be highlighted. Especially in the Midwest. It gives us great satisfaction to help companies that have made their home in the Midwest by providing them with any type of surveying and documentation they require.

Aerial Drone Photo of Industrial Complex

Private Work

As with any media production company, a number of private, non-published projects are a huge part of our business.  We love working on unique projects and can create a custom pricing package based on your needs.

Aerial Photography

Could we say enough about aerial photography? We love doing it, we love bringing happiness to our customers, and we’re proud of every project that we complete to help achieve our clients’s goals.

Aerial Photo of Gull Lake

Live Event Coverage

Using multiple on the ground cinema level cameras as well as our state of the art aerial video equipment, IAM provides top of the line live event coverage for any type of function. We can even stream your event live over the internet to provide even more publicity and participation for your event.

Wedding Videos

We’ve specialized in wedding videos for over eight years and have an entire team of professionals who will put together a beautiful video story of your special day.

Golf Course & Ski Area Aerial Videos

Innovative Aerial Media is proud to present hole by hole walkthroughs for golf courses for the use of web content and television coverage events. Ski areas can greatly benefit by capturing highlights of their spectacular ski runs and views of their facilities in video format.

Structural Inspection

Utilizing our state of the art drones, Innovative Aerial Media can provide thorough structural inspection videos and documentation in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Roof Inspection

Using our fleet of drones, Innovative Aerial Media can bring roof inspection costs way down while providing a superior product that can be used to demonstrate any defects in current roofing states.

Agricultural Services

Crop loss is a serious matter. Annually, natural disasters can wreak havoc on farming operations throughout the Midwest. Utilizing our cinema quality drone equipment, we can document any crop loss and deliver media that can be used to quickly mitigate the cost of crop damages.

Drone Services Agriculture Farming

Construction & Development Services

Given the amount of capital that goes into any type of construction project, status updates, land surveying, and site monitoring can be crucial services for construction and development companies. Let us handle this type of work for your company by producing industry leading video, photo, and documentation.

Construction and Development Drone Services

Extreme Sports Coverage

Whether it’s snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding, motocross, BMX, or any other extreme sporting event, professional media coverage is a must. Allow us to capture your next sporting event with our drones and cinema quality on the ground cameras.

Drone Extreme Sports Coverage

Hollywood Level Cinematography Services

As the leader for drone and aerial services in the Midwest with over 15 years of filmmaking experience, we are the go to firm for any type of cinematic production requiring aerial footage. We have the ability to shoot 1080i, 1440, 1920, and 4K video resolutions with frame rates as high as 240 fps.

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