Live Event Coverage

Live Event Coverage

IAM offers a variety of packages to capture live events. Utilizing multiple cinema level cameras on the ground as well as in the air during your event, we can capture every aspect of your live event.

We Can Even Stream Your Event on the Internet as it Happens!

With our equipment and know how, we can actually deliver a live HD stream on the internet for your supporters and interested viewers who can not be present at the event. Not only does this increase overall event participation, it provides you with a great recap of your event that can be used time and time again. Whether it’s a marathon, a concert, a major corporate event, or even a private function, we can make sure that even those who can’t attend can still be a part of it.

Sounds Great But is it Affordable?

Advances in HD video technology, internet speeds, and the widespread availability of internet connectivity have changed the landscape of live event coverage. Live event coverage is no longer just an option for corporate clients and major events but is now available for even the smallest of budgets. Since each event is different and has unique needs, Innovative Aerial Media provides a free consultation to work with you or your organization to identify your needs, the equipment necessary to meet them, and a price point that is amenable to both IAM and our clients.

From smaller productions like local community activities, sporting events, school functions, corporate events, massive concerts, or even a ten thousand participant marathon, we have a package that will work for any occasion!

Live Event Coverage Examples

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