IAM 2015 Work

Innovative Aerial Media Did HUGE Things in 2015

Real Estate

Innovative Aerial Media utilized its drone services to deliver over fifteen separate real estate listing showcase videos. We have signed contracts to do over 30+ for 2016.

Insurance Inspection

Innovative Aerial Media carried out six insurance claim documentation projects in 2016. We now have repeat customers and expect to carry out over 50+ inspections in 2016.

Land Surveying

Innovative Aerial Media surveyed 32 private property inspections, mappings, and 3D mapping projects in 2015. We expect this to be a high growth sector of our business throughout the Midwest in 2016 as sportsmen and women look to scout their land leases and private properties in a more efficient manner.

Loss Control Documentation

Loss control in agriculture, industry, and commercial real estate is a serious matter. Although we're never overjoyed to receive distressed calls from land and building owners, we take pride in being able to document damage to property or land that will support rectification of the the issues. It's part of our business's value proposition and we're extremely happy to be qualified and respected enough to be trusted to demonstrate our clients' interest and concern in these manners.

Commercial Spots

One of our sweet spots, Innovative Aerial Media took on 26 commercial/promotional projects in order to grow our client's businesses in 2015. We look forward with excitement do doing the same, in greater numbers, in 2016.

Non-Profit Work

At Innovative Aerial Media, we have a passion for giving back to our community. It's made us who we are. If you're in need of a promotional, fundraising, or call to action spot, please contact us using the form below to get in touch. We'd love to help wherever we can.

Legal Work

Although we're not at liberty to discuss this too much, we were proud to support Midwest law firms in their fight for justice. We look forward to helping bring justice in 2016 with the help of our legal clients through our drone services.

Industrial Documentation

Industry needs to be highlighted. Especially in the Midwest. It gives us great satisfaction to help companies that have made their home in the Midwest by providing them with any type of surveying and documentation they require.

Aerial Drone Photo of Industrial Complex

Private Work

As with any media production company, a number of private, non-published projects came our  way in 2015.  We love working on unique projects and are looking forward to continuing to do so in 2016 at prices that work for our private clients.

Aerial Photography

Could we say enough about aerial photography? We love doing it, we love bringing happiness to our customers, and we're proud of the 23 projects that we did to help achieve our clients's goals in 2015. We're looking forward to adding more honest and trustworthy clients to our workload in 2016.

Aerial Photo of Gull Lake

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