Drone Services in Construction and Restoration – Services That Will Change Each Industry

Drone Services Are Changing The Working World

Drone services, or the use of drones in business, have tremendous implications in the future. Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), are changing the way almost every industry works. From resource production to consumer, drones have applications in every step of the product and service journey.

“During the 11-year period 2015-2025, UAS integration is expected to contribute $82.1 billion to the nation’s economy.” —UAVSI

Exploring various avenues of UAS integration is interesting and exciting to say the least. Within each industry, applications vary and risks are differentiated. However, FAA commercially exempt operators will have to step forth to serve the needs of American business.

UAS Operators Bridge Gap Between Business Applications and Drone Services

To fly drones, UAVs, UASs, for commercial applications, an FAA Exemption is required. Otherwise, it is illegal to use drones commercially. Understanding flight safety and regulations is the first step to safe and efficient aerial integrations in every industry. Technical expertise and flight piloting skills ensure projects are well organized and properly executed. These assets are usually apparent in a drone or aerial service’s portfolio of work. Although many drone applications are different, a fair amount of drone services companies work in several realms. Early adoption of these service providers will be result in strategic advantage in marketplaces and industries.


Whether it’s new construction or remodeling, UASs present a wealth of opportunity and external and internal opportunities. Site inspection, site monitoring, 3D mapping, and client/prospect facing media content, are all clear opportunities for drone services integrations. The benefit factor of UASs in construction is only starting to appear. Each project requires skill and knowledge of construction site protocol in addition to specialties within the construction field.

For instance, a drone services provider that specializes in 3D mapping isn’t may not have the resources to carry out a site monitoring plan. Make sure that you speak with potential service providers about their experience pertaining to your project. Likely, a member of their team will have specialized in construction aerial services.

Drone Construction site monitoring



Since restoration almost always requires a site specific supply and disposal plan, getting an overall view of a project can increase efficiency in planning, project management, and execution. By providing your project’s leaders with comprehensive views of sites and site work overall project and labor costs can be carefully predicted, surveyed, and monitored. Aside from the primary function of planning, monitoring, and completing a project, drone service providers can provide restoration companies with high impact marketing media for client and prospect relationships.


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