FAA Exemption

FAA Commercial Drone Exemption

Flying drones (UAVs) is a serious undertaking. Just as serious, if not more because of the low altitude they are flown at, as flying an airplane. Proper licensing and safety procedures are required for any commercial drone application. We take pride in being one of the first companies in the Midwest to be fully approved by the FAA to fly drones commercially.

Why This is Important to Your Business

Working with certified and licensed companies is essential in any business to business transaction. No company would hire an “accountant” that didn’t have a CPA certification. The same applies to companies looking to work with aerial and drone services companies. In fact, companies hiring unlicensed drone companies can actually be sued for illegal drone usage. We would never allow that liability or risk to be put on our clients. To this end, we’ve made our FAA Exemption documentation available online.

Simply click the image below to view our FAA Exemption documentation.

Drone FAA Exemption

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