Innovative Aerial Media uses the highest quality equipment in the air and on the ground. From sound to video to broadcast, our directive is to provide our clients with the state of the industry equipment and capabilities.


IAM uses top of the line cameras like the RED series, Canon, and Sony systems and DSLR cameras when applicable.


Imagine the last YouTube video you saw. The audio was terrible. You couldn’t hear the speaker, the subjects were distorted, and the wind was cutting through all of it.

Innovative Aerial Media utilizes top end audio equipment to capture the sound, the message, and the mission of our clients.


IAM’s editing and post-production capabilities are state of the art. Utilizing industry standard software suites like Adobe and Apple products to manipulate, color grade, showcase, and arrange footage in ways that only Hollywood professionals can.

You know why that is?

Because we’ve worked in Hollywood. We’ve made feature length movies. And we’ve worked in business so we know what needs to be used to put together a professional and polished image.