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Aerial Photography Services

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Innovative Aerial Media offers a wide range of aerial photography services. Why? Because aerial photos from above show so much more than we can see from the ground. They tell a different story then what we can see from ground level.

Among the services we offer are:

Post disaster documentation

Insurance claim inspections

Construction project progress updates

Agricultural/crop loss inspections

Security monitoring/inspections

Commercial & Industrial inspections

Harbor Inspections

Land Lease Inspections/Mapping

3D Mapping

Land value assessment

Climate change evidence documentation

Property damage/loss documentation

Traffic documentation

Proximity verification

Land surveying

Wildlife monitoring

Political campaign mapping

Vehicle tracking

Site monitoring

Crop growth progress verification

Forestry monitoring and documentation

What Does This Mean For You?

An awful lot. In 2016 drone/aerial services are projected to save the American economy alone almost $250 million dollars. It’s time for your organization to capitalize on those savings and put this new technology to use for your company at a fraction of the savings you’ll reap from utilizing these services.

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